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Scentology : An Olfactory Alchemy

Scentologia is not a simple perfume house, but a true ode to olfactory creation. Born in 2021 within the Arcadie de Niche group, it elevates perfume to the rank of a work of art, where science and creativity meet.


The Laboratory as a Workshop

The Scentologia laboratory becomes a field of exploration where perfumers, experts in chemistry and olfactory art, orchestrate unique pairings. Noble and rigorously selected ingredients combine to give life to elegant and innovative fragrances.


Natural Inspiration

Scentologia draws its inspiration from the beauty of the natural world. In close collaboration with botanists, the house carefully selects the raw materials that make up its perfumes.


synergy : An Olfactory Escape

"Eau de parfum"synergy" is the perfect illustration of this. It captures the essence of a tropical landscape, with its sparkling citrus notes, its floral heart of rose and jasmine, and its woody and amber base. A true invitation to an olfactory journey.


An Ecological Commitment

Concerned about the environment, Scentologia is committed to using sustainable materials for its packaging, adapting perfectly to the bottles.


Scentology : A Unique Signature

Scentologia stands out for its unique approach, combining science, art and respect for nature. The house offers refined and original olfactory creations, inviting you to an unforgettable sensory journey.

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