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Silky Woods : A modern oriental woody symphony

Immerse yourself in the luxurious and refined world of Silky Woods , a modern and subtle interpretation of agarwood, a precious and captivating ingredient. This delicate and sensual fragrance will accompany you on any occasion, leaving a distinctive and unforgettable woody trail on your skin.

From the first notes , you will be charmed by the depth of agarwood, enhanced by a touch of velvety suede. This unexpected alliance creates a unique and elegant woody accord, which will appeal to lovers of refined fragrances.

At the heart of the perfume , exotic vanilla and smoked tobacco leaves bring a touch of indulgence and mystery. These contrasting notes blend harmoniously with agarwood and suede, creating a complex and captivating composition.

In the base , spicy saffron, captivating incense, floral ylang-ylang and creamy Australian sandalwood enrich the fragrance, giving it irresistible depth and sensuality. This bouquet of rare spices and precious woods extends the oriental scent of Silky Woods, leaving a feeling of comfort and elegance on your skin.

Silky Woods is a perfume that will appeal to women and men looking for a unique and refined fragrance. It is perfect for special evenings, relaxing moments and any occasion where you want to feel elegant and distinguished.

Silky Woods


NOTES: Agarwood from Australia (world exclusive), Tobacco, Saffron from Spain, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Sandalwood from Australia

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