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Purple Suede : An olfactory symphony of lavender and leather

Purple Suede is a unisex perfume that invites you on an unforgettable olfactory journey to Tasmania. Its unique composition, made from rare and precious ingredients, will transport you to the heart of lush lavender fields, lulled by the southern sun.

From the first notes , you will be charmed by the invigorating freshness of Tasmanian lavender. This unique lavender, grown in the exceptional climatic conditions of the island, reveals its aromatic and slightly camphorous notes, instantly transporting you into a world of wild and authentic nature.

At the heart of the perfume , rustic hyssop flowers bring a touch of sweetness and warmth to the composition. Their slightly spicy and floral scent blends harmoniously with lavender, creating a unique and captivating accord.

In the base , smoky wood leather brings a touch of depth and sensuality to the perfume. Its rich and slightly animal scent enriches the composition, creating an aura of mystery and sophistication. Cashmeran and animal amber then extend the trail of Purple Suede, leaving an irresistibly addictive sensation on your skin.

Purple Suede is a perfume that will appeal to women and men looking for a unique and refined fragrance.

It's perfect for sunny days, relaxing moments and any occasion where you want to feel fresh and confident.

Purple Suede


TOP NOTES : Tasmanian lavender

HEART NOTES : Rustic hyssop flowers, Smoked wood leather

BASE NOTES : Cashmeran, Animal Amber

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