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Desert Rosewood : An olfactory exploration of distant lands

Desert Rosewood is a rich and captivating fragrance that invites you on an extraordinary olfactory journey through distant and wild lands. Its unique composition, made from rare and precious ingredients, will transport you to unexplored horizons.

At the top , Australian desert rosewood reigns supreme, revealing its woody, slightly spicy and slightly smoky notes. This rare and precious essence, from the arid depths of the Australian Outback, gives the perfume its unique and authentic character.

Sicilian mandarin then brings a touch of sparkling and sunny citrus. Its fresh and tangy scent contrasts with the depth of rosewood, creating a vibrant and harmonious accord.

Indian cardamom then joins the dance, bringing a spicy and exotic touch to the composition. Its warm and slightly spicy notes awaken the senses and stimulate the imagination.

Benzoin from Laos then envelops everything in a vanilla and balsamic veil. This precious resin, from the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, gives the perfume irresistible depth and sensuality.

Comoros vanilla finally crowns this majestic composition. Its delicious and comforting sweetness brings a touch of femininity and voluptuousness to the perfume, creating an irresistibly addictive accord.

Indonesian patchouli brings a touch of earth and mystery to the composition. Its deep, slightly camphorous scent enriches the accord, creating an aura of intrigue and sophistication.

Desert Rosewood is a perfume that will appeal to women and men looking for a unique and unforgettable fragrance. It is perfect for winter evenings, relaxing moments and any occasion where you want to feel elegant and mysterious.

Desert Rosewood


NOTES: Desert rosewood from Australia, Mandarin from Sicily, Cardamom from India, Benzoin from Laos, Vanilla from the Comoros Islands, Patchouli from Indonesia

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