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NEROLI RIVIERA : A Sunny Floral Escape


Treat yourself to a sunny getaway on the French Riviera with the NEROLI RIVIERA gift box. This refined duo, composed of a 250 ml room diffuser and a 250 g scented candle, will illuminate your interior with a fresh and sparkling fragrance.


Let yourself be enchanted by the radiant and addictive notes of mandarin blossom. Néroli Riviera captures the very essence of the French Riviera, with its deliciously floral and citrus accents.

This vibrant fragrance is a true invitation to travel. Imagine yourself strolling through the sunny streets of a coastal town, your hair caressed by the sea breeze and the scent of citrus blossoms in the air.

The NEROLI RIVIERA room diffuser and scented candle will allow you to recreate this sunny atmosphere at home. Diffuse the scent in your living room, bedroom or office to create a relaxing and energizing ambiance.

This gift box is the perfect idea for:

  • Offer your loved ones a moment of escape and well-being.
  • Perfume your interior with an elegant and refined fragrance.
  • Create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation or daydreaming.

Usage tips :

  • Diffuse the scent in your living room, bedroom or office to create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Light the scented candle to create a more intimate and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation by wrapping yourself in this captivating fragrance.



  • A fresh and floral scent for a bright interior.
  • An invitation to travel and discovery.
  • An ideal gift set for all occasions.


Don't wait any longer to succumb to the temptation of NEROLI RIVIERA and let yourself be transported by its sunny scents!

Neroli Riviera Gift Box

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Alcohol denat, perfume (fragrance), aqua (water), geraniol, geranyl acetate, lynalyl acetate, limonene, nerolidol,  linalool.

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