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SUGAR ADDICT : An addictive treat

Sugar Addict Eau de Parfum is not just a fragrance, it is a captivating olfactory experience that captures the very essence of sugar addiction.

From the first notes, you will be enveloped by a cloud of enveloping sweetness, where sugar, cocoa absolute and tonka bean combine.

This gourmet harmony irresistibly evokes the image of a steaming cup of hot chocolate, a comforting and regressive pleasure.

The heart of the perfume blossoms with vanilla absolute, deliciously vanilla, and spicy notes of cinnamon and rum extract.

These warm and comforting notes accentuate the addictive dimension of the fragrance, like an irresistible call to indulgence.

In the base, labdanum absolute, coffee extract and cashmere wood bring a touch of depth and character to the fragrance. These woody and slightly smoky notes balance the sweetness of the composition and give it a more sensual and mysterious dimension.

Created by the talented Anne-Sophie Behaghel, Sugar Addict Eau de Parfum is a unique and daring fragrance that will not leave anyone indifferent. Its gourmet and addictive fragrance will transport you to a world of pleasure and voluptuousness.

If you are looking for a perfume that will make you succumb, Sugar Addict is made for you. Let yourself be tempted by its invitation to indulgence and succumb to sugar addiction.

BTSO – Sugar Addict


TOP NOTES : Sugar, cocoa absolute, Tonka beans

HEART NOTES : Vanilla absolute, cinnamon essence,

BASE NOTES : Rum extract, Labdanum absolute, coffee extract, cashmere wood

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