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Eau de Parfum, 50ml


Heat and Passion


A Bewitching Olfactory Painting

  • Strong fire: A spicy scotch spills out, setting the atmosphere ablaze with vibrant, incandescent heat.
  • Sensual Wood: Damp woody notes escape, enveloping the space in a mysterious and inviting veil.
  • Flaming Leather: Smoky leather evokes the intensity of a deep, carnal connection.


This captivating fragrance captures the essence of an intense and authentic moment of sharing. Let yourself be consumed by the flame of passion and succumb to its captivating secrets.



HEAD NOTES : Campari, rum, bitter orange, juniper

HEART NOTES : Whiskey, pine, incense, leather, cinnamon, oak

BACKGROUND NOTES : Virginia cedar, Balkan tobacco, vanilla surabsolute, sandalwood.

Perfumer : Florian Gallo

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