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Eau de Parfum, 50ml


Awakening and Aliveness


A Bewitching Olfactory Painting

  • Beneficial Rain: Crystal clear water drops fall onto the earth, creating a rhythmic and refreshing melody.
  • Fertile land: The soil soaks in water, releasing a powerful and authentic scent.
  • Fresh Herb: A carpet of green grass is adorned with sparkling drops, exuding an invigorating and pure scent.


Aquatic Dance

Imagine yourself watching the rain fall with intensity, transforming the landscape into a symphony of water and earth. The drops hit the ground, creating a fertile and fragrant mud.


Ode to Nature

The fragrance develops, revealing the mineral and humid notes of wet earth, mixed with the invigorating freshness of grass and rain.

Let yourself be transported by this invitation to contemplation and harmony.



HEAD NOTES : Almond, Milk

HEART NOTES : Chocolate, Turkish rose, plum

BACKGROUND NOTES : Amber, Elemi, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Perfumer : Nathalie Lorson

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