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Eau de Parfum, 50ml


Escape and Freshness


  • Peaceful Wood: A rustic cabin hides in the woods, shrouded in a cool, calming morning mist.
  • Extinguished Cigarette: A sweet smell of tobacco floats in the air, a memory of an intense and shared night.
  • Sparkling Dew: The forest awakens, adorned with drops of dew that shine in the rising sun.


Misty Memories

The fragrance develops, revealing the woody and slightly smoky notes of the cabin, mixed with the invigorating freshness of morning dew.

Let yourself be transported by this invitation to daydream and calm.



HEAD NOTES : Camphor, Cypress, Tupentine, Pine

HEART NOTES : Thyme, cedarwood, Georgy wood

BACKGROUND NOTES: Tobacco, vetiver, tree moss

Perfumer : Frank Voelkl

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