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Eau de Parfum 50ml

Drunk Maple : A decadent symphony of maple syrup and rum

Immerse yourself in a world of indulgence and intoxication with Drunk Maple Eau de Parfum.

This perfume is not just a fragrance, it is an olfactory escape into a world of decadent delights.

Imagine liquid gold - pure maple syrup, whose intoxicating sweetness is enhanced by a generous swig of the finest aged rum.

This delectable alliance unfolds in rich and complex notes, creating an unforgettable olfactory experience.

From the first notes, you will be transported by a spicy swirl of pink pepper, pure jungle essence and davana essential oil.

This captivating introduction opens the way to a gourmet heart where the essence of roasted coffee, creamy maple syrup and supple suede mingle.

In the base, sensual vanilla, creamy sandalwood, benzoin resinoid and Organox™ envelop the composition with comforting warmth and woody depth.

These rich and enveloping notes prolong the olfactory experience, leaving an irresistibly delicious and addictive trail on the skin.

Drunk Maple is a fragrance that not only seduces, it bewitches.

It is an invitation to indulge in gluttony and temptation, to immerse yourself in a world of decadent pleasures.

If you're looking for a unique, bold and irresistibly indulgent scent, Drunk Maple is for you. Let yourself be transported by its intoxicating notes and succumb to the intoxication of its decadent accords.

BTSO – Drunk Maple


TOP NOTES : Pepper rose pure jungle essence™, davana essential oil, Rum pure jungle essence™.

HEART NOTE : Coffee resinoid, maple syrup, soft suede, soft suede.

BASE NOTE : sensual vanilla, creamy sandalwood, benzoin resinoid, Organox™.

Perfumer : Alex Lee

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