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Eau de parfum 50ml

Drunk Lovers : An Ode to Passionate and Intoxicating Love

Drunk Lovers is not just a fragrance, it is a captivating olfactory story that captures the essence of a passionate night of love.

From the first notes, you will be transported by a sparkling whirlwind, where lemongrass, bergamot, lemon, Mexican juniper, grapefruit and red berries mingle.

This fresh and invigorating introduction awakens the senses and paves the way for a fiery heart.

In heart notes, cognac, a symbol of intoxication and decadence, blends with the sweetness of pear, the spicy warmth of ginger, the aromatic freshness of clary sage and the woody depth of cypress.

This complex and intoxicating alliance evokes the intensity of a burning passion, where bodies and souls merge.

In the background, a veil of warm and enveloping amber envelops the composition, while Virginia cedarwood, West Indian sandalwood and patchouli bring a touch of earth and mystery.

Vanilla planifolia, Sumatran benzoin resin and cinnamon bark add an addictive indulgence, evoking images of sweet kisses and languorous caresses.

Musk and vetiver bring a touch of sensuality and depth to the whole, prolonging the olfactory experience on the skin and leaving an irresistibly captivating trail.

Drunk Lovers is an invitation to indulge in the intoxication of love, to plunge into a whirlwind of sensations and to explore the depths of passion.

BTSO - Drunk Lovers


TOP NOTES : lemongrass, bergamot, lemon, Mexican juniper, grapefruit, red berries.

HEART NOTES : cognac, pear tree, ginger, clary sage, cypress

BASE NOTES : amber, Virginia cedarwood, West Indian sandalwood, vanilla planifolia, Sumatran benzoin resin, patchouli, vetiver, cardamom, cinnamon bark, musk

Perfumer : Hamid Merati-Kashani

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