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Eau de parfum 50ml

Dirty Heaven : A Gourmet and Bewitching Floral Waltz

Enter a world of striking contrasts with Dirty Heaven, a captivating Eau de Parfum by Margaux Le Paih-Guérin.

This unique fragrance juxtaposes the delicacy of white flowers with the delicious intensity of Tonka beans, creating an olfactory experience that is both airy and addictive.

From the first notes, you will be charmed by an elegant bouquet of jasmine, neroli and white flowers.

Their enveloping softness opens the way to a vibrant heart where Tonka bean, saffron and vanilla mingle.

In the base, white musks, ambergris and modern woods envelop everything with sensual warmth and refined elegance. These rich and enveloping notes prolong the olfactory experience, leaving an irresistibly captivating trail on the skin.

Dirty Heaven is a fragrance that not only seduces, it hypnotizes.

It is an invitation to indulge in temptation, to plunge into a world of contrasting pleasures where gluttony mixes with sensuality.

If you are looking for a unique, bold and irresistibly seductive fragrance, Dirty Heaven is for you. Let yourself be transported by its striking contrasts and succumb to the call of a delicious and captivating florality.

BTSO - Dirty Heaven

185,00 €Price

TOP NOTES: Jasmine, neroli, white flowers

HEART NOTES : Tonka Bean, Saffron, Ambroxan, Vanilla,

BASE NOTES : White musk, Ambergris, Modern woods

Perfumer : Margaux Le Paih-Guérin

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