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Let yourself be surprised by a captivating olfactory encounter...

Eau de parfum, 50ml


Shadows and delights

Discover a fragrance that explores the striking contrasts between power and softness.


A fascinating duel

  • Fiery darkness: Leather and oud, rich and opulent, evoke a wild and mysterious force.
  • Gourmet light: A vibrant heart of caramel, almond and vanilla softens the intensity of dark notes, creating irresistible temptation.


A captivating evolution

Over time, the perfume becomes more velvety and opulent, revealing an addictive and captivating side. Its liveliness and unpredictable character will leave you under its spell.


A fragrance that cannot be tamed, for a unique and unforgettable olfactory experience.



HEAD NOTES : White flowers, Ylang Ylang Extra

HEART NOTES : Caramel, almond, vanilla, oud, leather,

BACKGROUND NOTES : Patchouli, rum, white musk, oakmoss, sandalwood.

Perfumer : Amélie Bourgeois

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