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Bohemian Lime : An olfactory journey to Byron Bay

Imagine yourself under the canopy of a lush rainforest , bathed in sunlight.

Wild citrus fruits blossom, brought to life by the waterfalls of fresh water that gush nearby.

It is in this heavenly setting that Bohemian Lime is born, a vibrant fragrance that captures the very essence of Byron Bay, Australia's famous bohemian enclave.

From the first notes , you will be transported by a breath of fresh air, composed of sparkling Australian lime and spicy coriander. This invigorating opening awakens the senses and invites you to escape.

Over time , the perfume becomes softer and more enveloping.

Notes of earthy vetiver, noble cedarwood and creamy sandalwood enrich the composition, creating a harmonious and unforgettable accord.

Bohemian Lime is a carefree and free fragrance , which perfectly embodies the bohemian spirit of Byron Bay.

It is a unisex fragrance that will appeal to women and men looking for adventure and authenticity.

More than just a fragrance , Bohemian Lime is an invitation to discover the wild beauty of Australia and to experience the carefreeness of a bohemian lifestyle.

Let yourself be transported by its sunny notes and live the unique experience of Byron Bay.

Bohemian Lime


NOTES: Australian lime, Coriander, Haitian vetiver, Atlas Morocco cedarwood, Australian sandalwood

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