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Olfactive Studio : the meeting between art and perfumery

Olfactive Studio is a French perfume house that was founded in 2011.

It was born from the meeting between two artistic worlds: photography and perfumery.

To create its perfumes, Olfactive Studio calls on talented perfumers and photographers.

Perfumers draw inspiration from photographs to create original and unique fragrances.

Olfactive Studio's fragrances are designed to be both sensory and emotional.

They transport us into a world of images and sensations.

Olfactive Studio fragrances are available in a wide range, each with its own personality.

Here are some of Olfactive Studio's most popular fragrances:


Self-portrait : A woody fragrance that invites you on an inner journey.


Black room : Which reveals itself in the darkness, sharpened by the beam of light of the vibrant top note.

Still Life : A surprising and luminous fragrance that invites you to party; brilliantly in a swirl of exotic cocktails.

Olfactive Studio is a perfume house which is part of the current trend of niche perfume.

It offers original and unique fragrances, which are appreciated by perfume lovers around the world.

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