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Olfactory Inspiration : perfumery with character up to date

Inspiration Olfactive is a French perfume brand (Stéphanie Avinent Teisseire is the perfumer and founder) which was born in 2021. It was born from a desire to bring beautiful perfumery of character up to date, by modernizing it with current codes.

The philosophy of Olfactory Inspiration is simple: get rid of the superfluous and keep only the essentials.


Inspiration Olfactive perfumes are composed of raw materials of natural origin, but also a small quantity of clean synthetic ingredients, which guarantee the perfume its structure and trail.

All Inspiration Olfactive perfumes are imagined and composed with the greatest attention.


They are healthy, made with the greatest respect for cosmetic regulations, and validated by a toxicologist. Each perfume thus has its certificate of conformity.


Inspiration Olfactive is also a vegan brand.

Raw materials of animal origin are prohibited in accordance with regulations, as are tests on animals.


The packaging of Inspiration Olfactive perfumes is also designed with an eco-responsible approach. The bottle is made of glass, the cap is made of wood, and the pouch is made of organic cotton made in France.

Plastic excess packaging is eliminated.

“What I like above all is to combine beautiful raw materials to compose perfumes rich in absolutes and essential oils in order to return to a more authentic perfumery.”


The story takes shape in perfume to arouse a unique emotion.

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