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Champ de lavande

Fougere Olfactive Family

The fougere fragrance is an emblematic scent of perfumery.
It is composed of a complex accord of lavender, woody,
oakmoss, coumarin, bergamot and geranium.

The lavender note is the main note of the fougere fragrance.It brings freshness and liveliness to the smell. The woody note, for its part, brings depth and warmth.

Oakmoss brings an earthy and musky note.
Coumarin brings an animal and woody note.
Bergamot brings a citrusy and tangy note.
Geranium brings a floral and green note.

The fougere fragrance is a scent that is suitable for all times of the day.
It is both fresh and sensual.

The fougere family has sparked new trends and inspired many innovative creations.

For example, the perfume "Drakkar Noir" by Guy Laroche, released in 1966, is a fougere perfume that was a huge commercial success.

He helped popularize the fern family to a wider audience.

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