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Floral olfactive family

The floral olfactive family evokes a captivating symphony of delicate and refined fragrances, capturing the very essence of nature in its varied floral nuances, offering a gentle sensory experience.

The floral olfactive family is one of the most popular in perfumery.

It is composed of perfumes which have floral essences as top, heart or base notes.
Flowers are often associated with femininity, sweetness and romance, and floral fragrances are often used to express these feelings.


The different floral notes

There are a wide variety of floral notes, each with its own character and scent. Among the most popular floral notes, we can cite:

  • White flowers, such as rose, jasmine, lily of the valley or violet, are often associated with purity, softness and femininity.

  • Yellow flowers, such as orange blossom, tuberose or narcissus, are often associated with joy, sensuality and warmth.

  • Red flowers, such as the rose, poppy or peony, are often associated with love, passion and sensuality.

  • Blue flowers, such as jasmine, violet or lilac, are often associated with serenity, spirituality and peace.

Floral perfumes

Floral perfumes can be composed of a single floral note, or a mixture of several floral notes. They can also be associated with notes from other olfactive families, such as woody notes, fruity notes or oriental notes.

Floral perfumes are often used for special occasions, such as weddings or date nights.
They can also be worn every day to add a touch of femininity and softness.


The floral olfactive family is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for perfumers.

It allows you to create unique and refined fragrances.

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