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The creation of authentic, natural and high quality perfumes, respectful of oneself and one's environment

FiiLiT parfum du voyage is a French perfume house that creates authentic, natural and high quality perfumes.

FiiLiT perfumes are respectful of yourself and your environment. They are made from natural and organic ingredients, and they are free of harmful substances.


FiiLiT likes to transmit its olfactory vision of travel and its “Philosophy of beauty”.

FiiLiT's olfactory vision of travel is that of a sensory journey that transports us to distant destinations. FiiLiT perfumes are inspired by perfumes from around the world, and they invite us to discover new cultures and new sensations.

FiiLiT’s “Beauty Philosophy” is that of natural and authentic beauty.

FiiLiT believes that beauty is an expression of oneself, and should be celebrated in all its diversity. FiiLiT fragrances are designed to enhance everyone's natural beauty.

Come on, we’ll take you to colorful olfactory emotions, driven by a return to nature.

FiiLiT perfumes are an invitation to a unique olfactory journey. They are colorful, vibrant and bold. They transport us to distant destinations and invite us to discover new sensations.

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