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parfums La balade olfactive

Olfactive family of leathers

The leathery notes reflect a feeling of feline warmth,and serve very

often to the creation of mixed perfumes.
Leathery perfumes are intended for lovers of strong and tenacious fragrances.

In perfumery, the leather olfactory family stands out for its unique character.
It particularly appeals to connoisseurs and enthusiasts of daring perfumes.
This olfactory category remains relatively restricted, because the notes it encompasses are rather "segmental" and require a certain apprehension. However, so-called niche perfumery explores this family more, thus offering a variety of unique creations.


The notes leathered : a complex story

Leathery notes are emblematic of perfumery. They evoke sensuality, depth and character. But where do they come from?

Natural origins

The first leathery notes were obtained from birch, cistus labdanum or tobacco.

These natural raw materials give off characteristic odors of tanned leather.

The arrival of synthesis

At the beginning of the 20th century, perfumers began using synthetic molecules to obtain leathery notes.
Isobutyl Quinoline (or Quinoleine) is one of the most used molecules.
It is present in many perfumes, notably chypres from the 1950s.

A renaissance in the 1990s

In the 1970s, leathery notes went out of fashion.
They were considered too dark and too animalistic.
But they experienced a resurgence in popularity in the 1990s, notably thanks to niche perfumery.

An evolution of notes

The leathery notes have evolved over time.
They became less dark, less animal and more sensual.
They now evoke suede, luxury leather and even flowers.


Vegetable leathers in perfumery

Vegetable leathers are also used in perfumery.
They offer a new dimension to leathery notes.
They are softer, more natural and more environmentally friendly.

Leathery notes are an essential component of perfumery.
They are synonymous with sensuality, depth and character.
They evolve over time and adapt to new trends.


parfums La balade olfactive
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