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Wooded olfactive family

The Wooded olfactive family : Elegance, warmth and character

Woody fragrances are composed of aromas and essences extracted from wood and tree moss.

They are known for their elegance, warmth and character.

Woody notes bring depth and sophistication to a composition.

They are often combined with floral or fruity notes to create complex and harmonious fragrances.

Woody perfumes are also known for their staying power. Woody notes are natural fixatives, which means they help extend the life of the perfume.

The woody family includes many different notes, each with its own characteristics.

  • Cedarwood is a classic woodsy note that gives off a warm, woodsy scent.

  • Sandalwood is a sweet, milky woody note.

  • Vetiver is an earthy and spicy woody note.

  • Guaiac wood is a rich, smoky woody note.

It is important to note that each woody aroma has its own personality.

Each tree gives off a different scent depending on its origin and the climate of the place where it grows.


Woody scents are a popular option for both men and women.

They are perfect for creating an impression of sophistication and style.

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